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Looking forward to support and capital requirements

• Build plantsof processing freezing vegetables : 500 000 USD
• Establish nurseries and nursery: $ 1,000,000
• Transfer of technology, machinery and plant harvesting, agricultural production: 1 000 000 USD
• Production of fertilizers Clean: 500 000 USD
• Deployment area: 500 ha in Thanh Hoa planting vegetables
• Peat area: 50 ha for cleanfertilizer
• Plantations macadamia (macadamia) 5000 ha in Son La, present macadamia trees begin to bear fruit in a few places and bring higher economic efficiency than café tree (a tree from 50 - 80 kg per year, from 120 price 000đ / kg - 150 000 VND / kg per hectare planted 250 trees). The tree is supported by the United Nations. Place to plant macadamia are Highland, Northwest (Son La), Thanh Hoa. The tree is also supported by the government of Vietnam.