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1. Introduction of VietnamScience and TechnologyJSC

With strong willof offering farmers with effective and most advancedagriculturalsolutions, along with all the agricultural knowledge and in-depth, practical work experience (all managers of the company have at least 5 to 10 years of experience of food crops, fruits and vegetables for export), te members discussed and determined to bring farmers a better life. That is the main reason for Vietnam Science and TechnologyJSC to be established.

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2. Information about Vietnam Science and TechnologyJSC

•Business Registration Number 0105981984. Grant date 09/2012 Department of planning and investment Hanoi
Charter Capital: 1.8 billion VND (one billion eight hundred million)
The main areas of activity: Growing and agricultural exports
Planting tomatoes, potatoes, peppers of all kinds, eggplant, cucumbers bananas, macadamia, and other high-value crops
Exports of agricultural products to markets: Korea, Japan, Russia, and the EU countries.
Convert a new model for rural development for Thanh Hoa province and recognized as a model of new rural and provincial government levels.
Scale of employees: 500
Scale personnel expected: 2,000
• The area of arable land is concentrated at: 100 ha
• The area of cultivated land applied at: 500 ha
• Build processing and freezing plants in Thanh Hoa province
• The area of arable land planted macadamia in Son La: 5000 hectares

3. The mode of production

a / To implement production on a large sample field, farmers and farm workers can become shareholders of the company. Uses advanced technical processes and machinery to produce much more productive and efficient use of land
b / Technical guidelines of production for each household on their own land. The company purchases the products for export. In addition to time farmers working for the company, they can also have time to cultivate on their own fields and implementation techniques have been trained in the business.

4. The model of large sample field

Turnover of a crop (One year of 2 crops)
• 10 ha of potatoes, production reached 200 tons. 1.600.000.000d revenue equivalent to $ 75,000
• 10 ha tomato output of 500 tons. Revenue reached $ 140,000 equivalent VND
• 10 ha peppers: output reached 200 tons. revenue, equivalent to $ 200,000
• The value of 1 ha of land use is 13 500 USD/crop  2 crops = 27 000 USD
• Before the model included large sample field, most farmers cultivated only two major crops of spring and summer collection summer. The yield for 1 ha reached 6 tonnes / ha. With the unit price of about 8.000VND / kg. Each ha,people received VND 48 million, equivalent of $ 2,253 / ha. Total revenues for the whole year (2 cases) reached $ 4,506 / ha / year. In winter almost 90% of non-cultivated for 3 months.
• After applying large sample field model: Revenue per 1 ha estimated to reach 500 million VND / ha equivalent to $ 23,000 / ha / year
• So after taking a large sample field model, value per unit of cultivated area has increased from $ 4,506 / ha / year to $ 25,000 / ha / year (more than 5 times).
• Benefits for residents: Residents do not have to leave home to city, workers can produce at home, family economic development. Population stabilization and development model sustainable village.
• We received the merit of Thanh Hoa province to contribute to building a new countryside. Restructuring crop for farmers, improving the value of agricultural production, creating jobs and income stability for the relatives of people, creating a new farming practices applied science and technology and mechanization in agriculture. Our model is the first model in Thanh Hoa province and is given as a model for other regions under study.

5. Market Trends

With the development of clean vegetables and export, our company has access to a very large market with government agreements and upcoming agreements like AFTA, TPP.

6. Looking forward to support and capital requirements

• Build plantsof processing freezing vegetables : 500 000 USD
• Establish nurseries and nursery: $ 1,000,000
• Transfer of technology, machinery and plant harvesting, agricultural production: 1 000 000 USD
• Production of fertilizers Clean: 500 000 USD
• Deployment area: 500 ha in Thanh Hoa planting vegetables
• Peat area: 50 ha for cleanfertilizer
• Plantations macadamia (macadamia) 5000 ha in Son La, present macadamia trees begin to bear fruit in a few places and bring higher economic efficiency than café tree (a tree from 50 - 80 kg per year, from 120 price 000đ / kg - 150 000 VND / kg per hectare planted 250 trees). The tree is supported by the United Nations. Place to plant macadamia are Highland, Northwest (Son La), Thanh Hoa. The tree is also supported by the government of Vietnam.

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