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Introduction of VietnamScience and TechnologyJSC

With strong willof offering farmers with effective and most advancedagriculturalsolutions, along with all the agricultural knowledge and in-depth, practical work experience (all managers of the company have at least 5 to 10 years of experience of food crops, fruits and vegetables for export), te members discussed and determined to bring farmers a better life. That is the main reason for Vietnam Science and TechnologyJSC to be established.

Information about Vietnam Science and TechnologyJSC

•Business Registration Number 0105981984. Grant date 09/2012 Department of planning and investment Hanoi
•  Charter Capital: 1.8 billion VND (one billion eight hundred million)
•  The main areas of activity: Growing and agricultural exports
•  Planting tomatoes, potatoes, peppers of all kinds, eggplant, cucumbers bananas, macadamia, and other high-value crops
•  Exports of agricultural products to markets: Korea, Japan, Russia, and the EU countries.
•  Convert a new model for rural development for Thanh Hoa province and recognized as a model of new rural and provincial government levels.
•  Scale of employees: 500
•  Scale personnel expected: 2,000
• The area of arable land is concentrated at: 100 ha
• The area of cultivated land applied at: 500 ha
• Build processing and freezing plants in Thanh Hoa province
• The area of arable land planted macadamia in Son La: 5000 hectares